Why GearLode?



GearLode - The Trusted Online Rental Marketplace™

The opportunities made possible by GearLode - to try out gear, or use it for a specific purpose like a gig or recording session - are unlike any previous rental opportunities because GearLode enables a rental marketplace that widely expands the available variety of gear - potentially, the largest, most diverse rental inventory that has ever existed. And it's easy to tap into with your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Imagine instruments that are impossible to find, or too expensive to own, or that you just want to try out before buying. Want to know what it's like to play a coveted brand and model of guitar before purchasing it? Have a session that needs a particular instrument, but you don't want to, or can't afford to own it? Searching for the ultimate effect or microphone for stage or studio but don't want the hassle and expense of buying a bunch of gear in your quest? Whatever your needs, GearLode provides the ultimate music gear rental opportunity.


Want to drive new sales? People like trying before buying. And they are savvier than ever these days. Rent out a portion of your inventory on GearLode to increase profitability and create new and loyal customers. Word of mouth and customer service are the drivers in this economy.

Have returns or pre - owns taking up space? They can make money on GearLode. While waiting for someone willing to pay what you need for pre - owned gear, get it working for you by renting it out. Your return on investment in that gear could be appreciably improved.

Already renting out your inventory? Join the GearLode marketplace to advertise your rates, expand your market reach and build your brand while making money, rather than spending it. Customers may not think of you as a rental brand yet, but if you're on GearLode, you'll get noticed in that market and have the opportunity to establish your presence. With GearLode taking on the technical burdens, plus our zero upfront costs and low transaction fees, why wait?

Want to expand your market and build your brand? With GearLode, you can connect with new customers, open a unique revenue channel, and break out of the mold. Partner with GearLode to launch your own branded rental site. Whether you're a national chain or one local store, you will be able to reach people you might not otherwise reach.
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Don't have a website yet? Building a website that is effective and has good reach can be seriously challenging. GearLode has all the tools you need to serve your customers and expand your market. Let GearLode be your front door and rental counter so you can focus on maintaining top - notch inventory and customer service.

Already have a website? Use GearLode to funnel new customers to your site. Establishing a presence on GearLode will build your customer base in this expansive marketplace. You can even offload the scheduling and payment functions of your existing site to GearLode to reduce your site maintenance costs and administrative headaches. Let GearLode do the work for you.

Need more customers? Use GearLode's reach to attract new customers and expand your market. Your local gear may have a wider audience that you don't realize exists. Traveling musicians without road managers may want to rent locally if they simply knew where to go, including having access to backup gear for their gigs. GearLode's presence makes you easily and readily visible to them.
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Facing a tight budget this year? Add to your bottom line by renting out any unused gear. Music budgets are always a challenge. Even more so in recent years. School administrators likely have a significant inventory of music instruments and equipment sitting in storage during the holidays and Summer season. Some or all of it could be working for your school during these down times. GearLode's easy to use format won't tie up limited staff or student time, but could reap great benefits for your music program.

Want to help your students? Direct them to GearLode for their seasonal instrument rentals. Whether they're in the marching band, school orchestra, or a peer group rock band, or preparing for the annual talent show, they're likely to find what they need. GearLode is simple and straightforward and offers great value for limited budgets.

Have school spirit? Partner with GearLode to create a branded rental portal under your school's name to foster school spirit while bringing in valuable financial support. Even create a fund - raising promotion that engages your staff and students and gives homegrown, grass - roots support to your all - important music programs.?
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Want more traffic? If you're like most pawn shops, you don't have a website, and if you do, you don't have the time or resources to list everything you have available. So, you simply rely on foot traffic. GearLode can change all that. Set up a branded site on GearLode, then list any or all of your gear quickly and easily and reach an audience way beyond your parking lot.

Waiting for the perfect buyer for that vintage gear? As a pawn shop, you may have gear that's unique or hard to find, with buyers that are even harder to find. Use your inventory to your maximum advantage by listing it on GearLode. You'll instantly have a wider audience and tap into an eager market looking to put unusual gear to creative use. And they're more likely to buy it if they get to try it first.?
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Having trouble finding find the perfect music instrument or equipment for a production? GearLode engages the expansive reach of the Internet to harness inventories that were previously hard to find or totally unavailable. Productions can have very strict requirements, including staying on budget. Use GearLode to quickly find that perfect piece. Better yet, make visiting GearLode a regular routine so you can expand your awareness of available resources while enhancing your value to your productions.

Need more of everything but your local supplies are too limited? GearLode is a virtual warehouse that you can easily access for planned requirements or last minute emergencies. If you find your local area to have limited options, or the few options are booked too far in advance, check out GearLode. With the world as the warehouse, GearLode can make your job a lot easier.
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Have a ton of inventory and wish you had additional revenue streams? List it all on GearLode and activate entirely new market opportunities. Some bands and directors put gear on stage just for the look. They might not know you exist, or have even thought to consider you as a source. Not just instruments and electronics - stage sets and lighting gear feed a huge market that may not have connected with you yet. Don't risk missing out.
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Setting the stage for a national or local ad campaign? Save time and avoid the usual headaches you get from trying to source music gear. Find it fast, easy and affordably on GearLode. Make your ads stand out - if every firm is using the same guitar, keyboard, or drum set, viewers are bored. No matter how creative the rest of the presentation appears, a commonplace instrument can ruin the impact. Don't settle for mediocre - search for something unique and compelling on GearLode.

Find it fast, easy and affordably on GearLode. Make your ads stand out. Top level creative productions exist in the details. Having access to exactly what you need is exactly what GearLode is all about.

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Love the music industry? Buy gear and use GearLode to start your own rental business. GearLode makes for an easy entrance. Maybe you want to focus on high end gear that most people can only rent, or unique gear that people need only for limited or infrequent projects. Your market is waiting and GearLode can help you reach it.

Down time in the music business? Set up your own branded rental business using GearLode. GearLode has the Internet presence, payment systems, and market reach that you need to start seeing income right away. If you have more gear than gigs, the opportunity to make additional money during downtimes could be just what you need to keep your commitment to your music career.

Have a ton of gear as a "hyper" hobbyist? Maybe you just can't stop acquiring new gear. Don't feel self-conscious - lots of people have the same affliction. Now you can mobilize your assets GearLode has all the resources you need. You just supply the inventory. And with the money generated, you can even acquire more gear.
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Have some extra gear sitting around? Use GearLode to rent it out and make some money. If you're like most musicians, you have more gear than you actually use. And likely, there are some instruments that you rarely play that you could put to work bringing you income by renting them out through GearLode. Keep your under - used gear in "rental rotation" and it could make you extra cash every single day.

Have rare or vintage instruments or obscure hardware? Museum pieces are nice, but when they can still be used to make music, they shouldn't sit collecting dust. Whether it's gear no one knows about, or gear everybody wants but can't find, you may be sitting on a goldmine. With so many unique projects in this world, and unique musicians to match, it's likely that someone, somewhere would love to work with that gear. List it on GearLode and stop missing income opportunities.

Have your eye on some new gear? Rent the same model through GearLode, so you can be sure of your purchase decision before buying. While music stores and Internet retailers offer return policies, you have to tie up the entire purchase amount while you decide if you really want to keep it. With GearLode, you could spend a fraction of that cost while trying the gear in the quiet and calm of your own home, studio, or work space, and using it for your live performances - the best ways to find out if it's really for you.

Got a road gig or going on a trip and don't want to risk losing or damaging valuable or important gear? Rent the same or similar gear at your destination using GearLode. Many traveling musicians have unique or expensive instruments or specific equipment that they require for their performances. You could find the perfect gear available at your destination and work with the owner to make sure it's set up for your needs. If you return regularly for the same gig, a friendly GearLode rental relationship could make things smoother and easier and a lot less hassle than carrying your own gear, especially if your personal favorite instrument is expensive or rare.

Like to travel light? Few things are more frustrating than air travel with music instruments and equipment. If you don't want to feel as though your vacation or songwriting retreat is more work than relaxation, avoid the oversized luggage rooms and undersized luggage carts at the airport - rent the gear you need using GearLode so that it's waiting at your destination when you arrive.

Booked an important show and want to make sure it happens? Use GearLode to rent a backup set of critical gear, so that if your primary gear gets lost or stolen, breaks, or flakes out at the last minute, the show can go on. Don't risk alienating the venue or letting down your fans with a cancelled gig. For a fraction of the cost to purchase a second set of gear, buy peace of mind using GearLode.
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